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Picture this: You’re about to lose a key team member for an extended period. Do you recruit a replacement (good luck in this tight labour market), share the job around the team, load someone up (maybe with some extra training) or is there another option? How about calling on the resources of a trusted agency team who knows your brand and your industry. That’s just what one very smart client did, and we’re excited to get started on a maternity leave retainer role cover next month.

What’s the upside of such an arrangement:

Seamless transition: When a seasoned employee heads out the door, it’s natural to fear disruptions. But an agency deeply familiar with your industry, your people and your goals can ensure a seamless transition. We can understand the industry’s jargon, trends, and dynamics, meaning we won’t skip a beat when stepping into the role.

Invaluable insights: Agencies are tuned to opportunity and connection so we’ll aim to bring a treasure trove of insights and strategies. We’ve often worked with similar businesses and faced comparable challenges, which means we can offer fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to your problems.

Immediate impact: The learning curve that comes with hiring someone new? Non-existent. We’ll hit the ground running, immediately contributing to your projects and goals. We will bring all our collective experience to bear so you don’t get just one person you get the power of the whole agency team behind your work, allowing you to maintain your momentum.

If you are thinking about how it might work for you here’s some tips on how to make the most of it:

Open channels of communication: Strong communication is the foundation of any successful collaboration. Ensure that your internal team and the agency are in constant contact. Regular meetings and updates can keep everyone in sync.

Define roles clearly: At the outset, define roles, responsibilities, and objectives. Make sure both sides have a crystal-clear understanding of what success looks like during your employee’s absence.

Access to resources: Provide the agency with the tools, resources, and information they need to excel. This includes access to files, software, and contact details. The more they have at their fingertips, the more efficient they’ll be.

Appoint a point person: Designate a liaison within your organisation who can facilitate communication between your team and the agency. Having a go-to person for questions and clarifications can streamline the process.

Feedback loop: Encourage feedback from both sides. This arrangement is an opportunity for mutual learning and improvement. Regularly evaluate what’s working well and what could be enhanced.

So when a valued team member comes to you needing extended leave, it doesn’t have to spell chaos for your business. By teaming up with an agency partner that knows you and your industry well it can be a smooth ride. If you are in need of some help, we’re only a phone call (or email) away. [email protected]

Sue Hardman