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Sometimes things you collect don’t have to be material. Team HC shares what we’ve gathered along the way. From fridge magnets to memories, handbags to, well, people, we share our “collection” tendencies.

Sue – I collect people and treasure connection. While that sounds a little creepy what I really mean is that in every interaction of substance that I have, I am looking to stay connected in some way to that person, do something of value for them, connect them to someone, or something and keep them in my network. 

Kendi – I collect unopened mail. If it’s from the bank or the super fund or the tax office, I know it’s probably too important to throw out, but it’s also too boring to bother opening, so I just let it sit. Occasionally my wife tires of the stack and opens stuff. Once she discovered I had $10K in a forgotten bank account and just this week we found $17K in forgotten super – which tells me my approach is paying great dividends and should be continued.

Alex – Every trip I go on overseas, I always make sure I buy a magnet for my fridge, so I have some little keepsake to remember each country I’ve visited. I think I’m close to 30 magnets, about time I venture overseas for a new one!

Shereen – As someone who values a clear space at home with no clutter, I’ve never really thought of myself as a collector. I do however have a soft spot for handbags, especially timeless classic pieces that can be worn for years. Some are so special that I’ve only ever worn them once or twice and they just sit in my closet appreciating in value. I always have my eye on the next piece, and have a separate savings account just for handbags.

Karen – I collect memories. Trying to keep up the family albums so that those precious images are not lost in cyberspace. I also keep mementos from holidays and events to add to remembering the “feel” of the adventure. Things like ticket stubs, maps and brochures alongside anything quirky that evokes that time and place.