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Do you ever dread writing another business social post and tire of coming up with new ways to say the same thing over and over? Or do you feel like your posts have become stale and you could be doing better? You are not alone. The struggle to create compelling posts is very real. And we are here to shake up your thinking and inspire you to write new posts with a new flair.

  1. Start with the customer in mind, not your business. We live and breathe our business, but the customer doesn’t. Really know who your target market is and think like them.
  2. Ask yourself, why do they care? Do they really care that a product will do what it’s meant to do?
  3. Have the customer pain point in mind – you want them to say, “that’s me!” then show them what their life will look like after.
  4. Positive language is trending – jump on the bandwagon of “why I love” posts rather than “10 reasons I hate” posts.
  5. Stories and reels are dominating. Have a go at shooting a video, the more raw and real the better. Make static images fun with animations or turn them into a reel. Then bask in the higher reach and engagement stats. 
  6. Create posts and CTAs with the marketing funnel in mind – set a plan with clear messaging and CTAs for each part of the funnel. Consumers aren’t going to “buy now” if they’re not aware of your business or interested in your service/product. Take them on a journey before you ask them to convert.
  7. Remember the 80/20 rule. 80% of people will look at your image but only 20% will read the post. Make sure the important bits are in the image to capture their attention straight away.
  8. Less is more when it comes to your target audience. When creating paid ads on social platforms, choosing 1-2 targeting parameters is better than going down a rabbit hole of 20 different interests, professions, and demographics. Social platforms are programmed to know who to show your content to. Let them, and your well-worded copy, do the work for you.
  9. Marketing persona cheat sheet – this is a favourite amongst the HC team! Use all the above points to create a one-page cheat sheet that you pull up every time you create posts. It will keep you on track and the creative juices flowing.

Shereen Cherrett