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When we need to fill a gap in our busy schedules or just want to unwind, what games are a go to for the team from HC?

Sue – My mum instilled in me a love of words so Scrabble and crosswords will always hold a special place. But my favourite is actually Find-a-Word and I have a unique approach to this game. I choose my word to find from the long list and then will that exact word to jump out at me looking at the complete grid of letters at once. I swear it works about 90% of the time and it’s usually only a few I truly have to work hard to find.

Kendi – I jumped on the Wordle craze a few years ago and still play every day. Now I use the Wordle answer as the starter word for Contexto, where you have to figure out a secret word by typing in other words and seeing how they rank contextually compared to the target word. I also still love a bit of mindless Candy Crush – such a good use of all those hours.

Alex – I’m a big fan of the New York Times games app. My current favourite? Connections, where you group 16 words into four separate groups that have something in common. A good, quick little brain exercise each day!

Shereen – I love doing nonogram puzzles (also called hanji or griddlers). I used to do them on my phone but now I prefer the good old pen and book version, and I have several of these scattered around my house and use them daily. I tend to get obsessed with games on my phone, spending ridiculous hours checking on my ‘island’ (Farmville Tropical Escape) or my ‘land/battalion’ (King of Avalon, Clash of Clans) so I steer clear of them now. I do occasionally enjoy a cooking game or logical puzzle game, but luckily no obsessions at the moment and my sore neck and arms are thanking me.  

Karen – The favourite family games here are Monopoly and Scrabble. Who doesn’t love bankrupting their parents/children and or siblings? And with the version of Scrabble that includes “trick cards” everyone has a chance of toppling mum, while improving their vocabulary and spelling. Win, win.