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They say the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about – but how do you know what people are saying about you if you are not even listening?

It’s important now more than ever for brands to stay ahead of the curve and have a true understanding of not only what the media is saying about you, but what they’re saying about your competitors and your industry as a whole – and that is where media monitoring comes in.

If you’re not already doing some form of media monitoring, here is why we think you should be:


News is non-stop. That means brands need to be prepared and across anything that the media releases externally about them. Media monitoring allows you to identify emerging trends and topics within your industry, and craft timely and relevant messages, media releases or newsjack interview opportunities. It also allows you to swiftly identify and address any emerging issues before they spiral out of control and become a fully blown media crisis.

Competitor insights

Not only should you be tracking your own brand, but tracking what your key competitors are doing gives you strategic intel on what they’re saying, how they’re being positioned in the media and what gaps you can own as a brand. Maybe your competitor is owning the technology messaging, which gives you a great opportunity to lean into sustainability focused content? Monitoring gives you the insights you need to make informed decisions.


To assess the result of any PR efforts, you need to be able to measure and track your coverage. Simple things like knowing if your coverage syndicated across multiple outlets, how much of your interview or media release was used, or whether they quoted other people in the piece, can all be picked up in good media monitoring.

In a nutshell, if you want to have a voice in your industry, promote your product or service, or know the latest on your competitors, you need to know what is being talked about, and media monitoring is an essential tool in making your brand stand out and make some noise.

Don’t have the right media monitoring tools in place, or don’t know where to start? We run different types of media monitoring for clients, tailored to your needs. Whether it’s part of your PR campaign, or you want some industry intel to help identify potential media opportunities, talk to us about how we can meet your media monitoring needs – [email protected]t.au.