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Sometimes it can be a tricky balancing act between work and home life, but Team HC thinks we’ve nailed it. See what each of us do as part of our day to make sure we don’t overtip the scales.

Sue – I set the expectation with the team and myself that business is for business hours. Of course, there might sometimes be an urgent need we have to support our clients on but that is to be the exception, and not the rule. Even if not sitting at your desk – work can still be on your mind, so I like to prepare for my day by getting out for a walk and I like to wind down afterwards by pottering around in my garden.

Kendi – I try to be pretty faithful to the working day. Flexibility means being able to adjust things a bit here or there, and that’s really great when something happens for a client out of hours, or I need to duck off for an appointment, but I try not to let work and home bleed into each other too much. I prefer to be a monotasker than a multitasker (this will be news to no one!) – I find it works to completely switch on for work and then off for home where possible, otherwise you never quite feel like you’re doing one thing or the other.

Alex – Anything exercise related – which I never thought I’d say! Working from home means I get to go to the gym in the morning before work, then I balance that with playing soccer twice a week which definitely helps clear my mind!

Shereen – I have young children, so I highly value the flexibility I’m lucky enough to have at work, where I can attend an open day to visit their classrooms, volunteer at their sports carnivals or take them to swimming lessons during the day and then jump back online to work at night. My kids are only young once and having this work/life balance is priceless to me. An added bonus is getting to have lunch or going for a walk with my husband when he’s working from home too.  

Karen – When I stopped laughing after reading the question LOL……. I asked myself if there is any balance in my life, and yes there is a little! I get outside on our property, do things with the kids and unwind by watching sport on the TV. NRL four days a week at the moment……. and I’m going pretty well in the family tipping comp!