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We’ve hit the mid-year slump, and the winter chill isn’t helping, so Team HC look back on our most memorable holidays, from short escapes up north to big adventures overseas, our team has seen it all!

Sue – Two years ago I ventured with my partner to Far North Queensland to sail the Whitsundays and hopefully bask in the warm sunshine. It was memorable but not how you might think. Record low temps in Mackay found us huddling beside a tiny fan heater in the hotel and it was a wet and windy sailing experience that had me hit the deck and end up on crutches. It was good to get away though.

Kendi – There really is no place like home. About 10 years ago our family hit the road and drove to my hometown of Broken Hill. My parents and siblings have all long since moved away so I very rarely have a reason to get back there – it had been close to 20 years since I last set foot in the place. I was amazed to see the town from a tourist perspective. It truly is a breathtaking and special place. We had an incredible time that was partly a walk down memory lane and partly checking out the tourist attractions I wouldn’t have thought twice about when I lived there. If you love huge starry skies, endless open red plains, quirky pubs from famous movies, and incredible art – or if you really just want to know what it’s like to squish into a tiny old underground mine in the middle of nowhere – it is worth the (long, long, looooong) drive.

Alex – I spent three weeks in the US with my sister in 2018, a trip we’d always talked about doing but life had got in the way. We did New Orleans, a week of theme parks in Orlando, Miami and New York – which as big movie and TV junkies was amazing for us to see in real life. A bonus was my dad was in the US for work at the same time, so we teed up a few days with him too over Father’s Day which was really nice!

Shereen – It would have to be my honeymoon. In lieu of a big wedding, we opted for an intimate one in Hawaii and then travelled around the US, Canada, Europe and Asia for nine months. We chased the summer: eating, drinking, swimming and soaking in stunning sites around the world. We visited family and friends along the way and had the time of our lives. Best decision we ever made.  

Karen – Has to be last year when our family of five was invited to a celebration of our extended clan on my husband’s side of the tree in North Queensland. Landing in Cairns to see everyone in shorts, to be able to go swimming and be outside in the warmth was such a welcome break from the frosts at home. Snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef with my teenage children was among the highlights.