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As humans we are wired for connection. Nothing lifts us up quite like meeting new people, getting out and about to make new connections and getting behind something new.

Here’s a few standouts that have given us joy in the past month, all centred in wonderful new connections. 

  • We love being back in our coworking space at Grounded Space. There are the people and of course the GREAT COFFEE. By its very nature, people come and go in a coworking environment so there’s always someone new to work alongside, doing new and interesting things.  While of course we are focused on our own work, it has been great to go on the business journey (vicariously), with bioscience start-ups, a wedding planner and our latest mates the entrepreneurs opening an amazing new restaurant space in Parramatta Park called MISC. We feel fully vested in their venture… as we’ve shuffled their new dinnerware concepts off the boardroom table making way for our next meeting, overheard recruitment interviews seeking the best staff, talked marketing strategy and chatted about construction progress. We also can’t wait for their grand opening in the next few months so watch this space.
  • A big shout out to Agribusiness Australia who held the first Sydney event we’ve had in quite a long time. It was a panel event about Investment in Ag and it drew a much different crowd to the events I usually attend. We talked megatrends, risk appetites and the marriage of aspiration and capital. While much of the conversation was beyond my skillset, we did come back to brand #Ausag and how important that brand is to attract the right kind of investment and ensuring high return.
  • Hello and welcome to AgroBest. When we got the call from the fabulous Aleah looking for an agency that knows ag inside and out that could support with some content copywriting – we were there in a heartbeat. One of the best things about running an agency is getting close to all types of businesses and we’re excited to get closer and learn more about this Australian business helping farmers and agronomists be the most successful they can be.

I always say that one of the things that sets us apart and has been a mainstay of the Hardman Communications brand for the past 20 years is the personal connections and commitment we make to our clients and the network we build around us. We absolutely, positively, 100% give a s&*t and it shows in how quickly we make friends and how long we keep them.

Want to connect – say hello at [email protected]

Sue Hardman