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Team HC shares what we most enjoy about spring. Perfect weather, gardens, sunshine, the great outdoors, family time, energy and positivity are among the reasons we love this time of year.


For me it’s the sudden burst of energy, glossy new leaves and colourful buds bursting open in my garden. I have over 20 different flower varieties pushing their way up through the mulch and soil, some growing seven or more centimetres in a day. The colour, the fragrance and the energy all make spring special to me.


I just love the lengthening days, where it starts to feel like you have all the time in the world to do whatever you want, especially in the glorious period between the end of winter sports and the start of summer sports, where your weekends are actually your own for a few weeks.


I love the sunshine that spring brings. It’s the perfect balance of not too hot and not too cold, and a great time to start working on my tan for summer!


Spring here in Northern NSW means wonderful weather and new arrivals. Spring calves and foals have just started arriving. I enjoy the cyclical nature of being on a farm and the clarity of seasons, with the colour and returning warmth making spring the best of them.


Spring means daylight savings and seemingly more hours in the day! We enjoy family walks after dinner where my son likes to pick me flowers (usually weeds, but it’s a sweet sentiment), afternoon swims in the pool, and if all goes to plan, hopefully frequent BBQ dinners as we are currently building an outdoor kitchen.


I love the energy and fresh positivity that spring brings, you can almost smell it in the air. As the sun shines down on us and the temperature warms up, there’s this happiness that comes along with it, and I notice that feeling every single year. That first swim at the beach, the first layer of your summer tan, having a beautiful picnic with your family or socialising outdoors with your friends – there’s nothing like it!